Night Adoration - How it Works

Nightly Adoration in the home is made in a spirit of reparation. Some sins are being committed every hour of the day and night, so reparation should also be perpetual. Therefore, nightly adoration in the home is organised in such a way that at every hour of the night throughout the entire year, reparation is being made by the sacrifice of an hour of sleep, offered to the Sacred Heart as an act of homage and love during his mystical agony.

   1. The Nightly Adorer promises to make one hour of adoration once a month during the night. The night begins at 9 p.m. and ends with the hour from 5-6 a.m. Adoration made at any other time is meritorious but is not sufficient to gain the indulgences.
   2. As an act of generosity, night adorers are encouraged to leave the choice of their date and hour of adoration to their spiritual director (if they have any), but they are perfectly free to choose their own date and hour for any responsible motive. Any date and hour of the month may be selected.
   3. For the common good, (the common good always ends benefiting the private good) it is better to be part of a chain of prayers, considering that the "chain" is a common activity although in some part of the night only one member is praying, but he/she belongs to the common chain. Imagine each member is a link in a giant chain reaching for heaven!
   4. In order to keep accurate records and to maintain continuous nights of adoration, deaths and withdrawals of members, as well as changes of emails, should be made known to the promoter of this site.
   5. It is not necessary to renew the enrolment each year. Once enrolled, you continue to be a member until death or voluntary withdrawal.
   6. The promise you make does not bind under pain of sin, even venial. Father Mateo started it as an act of loving homage and reparation to the Sacred Heart. Accordingly, its success and duration will depend upon the extent of the faithfulness and generosity of its members. This fidelity will be proved when through sickness or otherwise prevented you make your hour of adoration some other night. It is not necessary to notify the promoter of temporary change of date or hour.

   1. Send your name and email to the promoter of this website. The promoter will add the hour chosen by the members to the chart on this site. Hopefully, new members will choose hours which have not been taken yet. Names will not appear on the chart or anywhere on the website, but only the number of people having pledged a particular hour. Anyone who would like a reminder to be sent by email the day before their holy hour is to be prayed, please give a valid email address to the promoter and do not forget to notify of any changes if needed. Names will only be kept by the promoter of this site, in order to maintain it and send reminders. No one else will ever have access to them.
   2.  If you know anyone who would be interested in joining this night adoration but does not have access to the internet, maybe you could consider being their "link".
   3. The night adorer should pledge him (or her) self to give the example of a true Christian life which does not contradict the spirit of reparation, particularly by confirming to Catholic standards of decency in dress, reading, leisure, language and morals.      

In large families the adoration may be arranged in such a way that each member of the family watches in turn before a picture of the Sacred Heart. If the Sacred Heart has been enthroned in the home, then the adoration should take place before the enthroned image of the Sacred Heart, around which lighted candles and flowers have been placed, whenever this is possible. (this is not essential.) The hours are assigned to each member of the family by the father or mother. If the family is large enough (nine members) then the adoration may begin at 9 and continue to 6; in smaller families, it may begin at 9 and continue until all members have made their adoration. At the end of each hour the next adorer is called by the preceding one. If it is not practical to make the adoration successively as described above, then the entire family may make it together at one determined hour. Again the father and mother may desire to make it alone or even one member of the family. The family is free to arrange this matter according to circumstances. If the family makes adoration at the same hour, then the father or mother might lead the prayers and the others join in the responses, as is done during the Holy Hour in church. This will make the hour pass quietly and pleasantly, especially for the children. Let one family "pay the ransom" for other families.

Sick and Aged
The sick and the aged are permitted to make their holy hour of adoration in bed, if they are unable to get up. They need have no scruples of conscience about this, but let them offer their sufferings to the Sacred Heart, "paying the ransom" for sinners.
Recommended intentions for the Holy Hour
Suggested added intentions