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The charts here are a way for you to take part on a chain of prayers which is slowly growing again in and around the world.

One year after Father Mateo launched the Holy Hour he had 24 000 members, in two years 42 000, and in three 124 000.

As you can see, we need to bring back the faith to our families, communities and countries through prayer. By Enthoning your home to the Sacred Heart, by praying at least one Holy Hour a month, you become a special friend of Our Blessed Lord, an adorer of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You all know the saying: “The family who prays together stays together”.
Surely the same would apply to the countries were enough members commit themselves to pray the Holy Hour, as to cover every hour of every night of every month of the year. Wouldn’t that country, though its members, receive countless blessings! Wouldn’t you like your own country to be that special one! Remember, Our Lord never lets Himself be outdone in generosity.

The charts are here for you to see which hours of the night have not been taken yet. If your country has more than one time zone, scroll to the bottom of the chart to change zone and see which hours are available. Then go to the contact form and let us know which hour(s) you have chosen so we can update the chart and send you a reminder the day before your Holy Hour is due.

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